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Corrugated steel fiber suppliers share construction precautions of steel fiber pavement

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  We know that copper plated microfilament steel fiber can be used not only in the construction of highway bridges, but also in the crack prevention of residential projects. Many people don't know about the matters needing attention in the construction of steel fiber pavement. Next, Suzhou Yujian steel fiber, the supplier of copper plated micro wire steel fiber, will give you specific notes on the construction of steel fiber pavement:
   1. Use forced mixer. The concrete mixer uses a double cone reverse discharge mixer with a capacity of 250L. Due to the use of 1.2% admixture and small slump, the utilization rate of the mixer can be appropriately reduced in order not to overload the mixer.
Transportation. Dump trucks are used for transportation. Due to the vibration in the process of transportation, the steel fiber will sink, the slump and air content will be lost, which will affect the uniformity of concrete. Therefore, when selecting the mixing site, the transportation distance shall be shortened as far as possible, and proper dump transportation vehicles shall be selected to ensure that the unloading height during the normal pouring shall not exceed 1.5m, so as to ensure that no segregation occurs during the unloading of concrete. At the same time, attention should be paid to the temperature during transportation to avoid the decrease of construction and workability of concrete.
  3. Plastering and embossing. The exposed part shall be pressed into the concrete, and at the same time, the troweled surface shall be embossed with roller embosser along the cross-section direction of the route by l-2mm. Joint cutting and maintenance. When the curing strength reaches about 50% of the design strength, use a cutting machine to cut the seam, the seam depth is 3cm, and the shrinkage seam is set at 5m / pass, which is aligned with the old seam. The construction joint shall be consistent with the designed position of expansion joint or contraction joint. The construction joint shall be vertical to the road centerline, and no dowel shall be set. The expansion joint and contraction joint are filled with l0 petroleum asphalt. The concrete pavement shall be cured by sprinkling water. After final setting, it shall be covered with gunny bags. The concrete shall be cured by sprinkling water every day to keep the concrete in a moist state. The curing time was 10-15 days. The traffic shall not be opened until the concrete test strength reaches the specified strength.
  4. Set up dispersion device. Because once directly put into the mixer, agglomeration is easy to occur. In order to make it fully dispersed, a vibrating disperser is installed on the mixer. The power of the disperser is 1.0kw, and the dispersion capacity is about 40kg / min. Because the dispersing machine is installed on the mixer, the dispersing time is longer, the mixing time is increased, and the production efficiency is reduced.
  The above is the precautions for steel fiber pavement construction shared by corrugated steel fiber suppliers, hoping to help you. For more information, please pay attention to the official website of Suzhou Yujian steel fiber, a supplier of copper plated microfilament steel fiber.
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Mobile phone: 13621573881
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