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Corrugated steel fiber suppliers share the performance of steel fiber

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  Steel fiber is one of the most widely used building materials. Before using steel fiber, we need to know the properties of steel fiber. Next, the corrugated steel fiber supplier Suzhou Yujian will focus on the performance of steel fiber.
  Steel fiber is a new kind of steel fiber with high performance. The mix proportion design method of steel fiber road is basically the same as that of ordinary concrete, with the following differences: double control standards of strength (compressive strength and flexural tensile strength); the amount of steel fiber is determined according to the flexural tensile strength required by the design; the unit water consumption and sand rate are related to the amount of fiber, and each 0.5% (volume ratio) of steel fiber is added, the unit water consumption is increased by 6kg, and the sand rate is increased by 2%.
  Steel fiber reinforced concrete has the same mixing, operation and construction performance as ordinary concrete. The fiber will not agglomerate in the concrete and is evenly distributed. It can be produced in the commercial concrete mixing plant and can be used for pumping construction. The early slump loss of milled SFRC is large, 32% in 30 minutes and 42% in 2 hours. The actual workability of SFRC is better than that of ordinary concrete with the same slump. Steel fiber reinforced concrete has good material properties. Compared with ordinary concrete, its compressive strength is increased by 2-20%, bending tensile strength is increased by 20-50%, splitting tensile strength is increased by 20-40%, and wear resistance is increased by about 40%. Its physical and mechanical properties can meet the requirements of urban road engineering and inspection well cover and other supporting components. The rough and clean surface of steel fiber can be firmly combined with cement paste in concrete, which is the fundamental reason for milling steel fiber to improve various properties of concrete.
  In addition, high-strength steel brazed concrete has been widely used in railway sleeper prefabrication, highway expansion joints, cement concrete pavement prefabrication, cast-in-place, production and construction, and its excellent performance can obtain good technical, economic and social environmental benefits.
  The above is the performance of steel fiber shared by Suzhou Yujian steel fiber, a corrugated steel fiber supplier. I hope it can help you. For more information, please pay attention to the steel fiber supplier - Suzhou Yujian steel fiber official website. We have a complete range of steel fiber products. Looking forward to your call.
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Mobile phone: 13621573881
Mobile phone: 13621573881
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