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End hook steel fiber suppliers share key points of steel fiber construction

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  In fact, steel fiber plays a very important role in our life. Do you know the key points of steel fiber construction. Next, Suzhou Yujian steel fiber, a steel fiber supplier of end hook, will talk about the key points of steel fiber construction:                
   1600 mm fill, 300 mm thick graded crushed stone, 50 mm thick fine sand, 0.3 mm thick PVC film in two layers, 90 mm thick plain concrete cushion. 160 mm thick steel fiber concrete surface and 3 mm thick wear-resistant powder.
   2. Mixing of concrete mixture
Due to the hook on both ends of the steel fiber, it is easy to agglomerate or distribute unevenly during mixing, thus affecting the engineering quality. Therefore, it is very important to ensure a reasonable mix ratio and mixing process.
   3. Control of concrete surface levelness                    .
  4. Prevent ground cracks
  due to the large pouring area of the plant floor, the plant is 195 meters long and 108.9 meters wide, and there is no deformation joint in the design. Before the construction of the floor, the construction company proposed that, after the research of the design, construction and supervision company, expansion joints should be reserved on one side of the wall with 4 axes in the length direction and 2 axes in the width direction respectively. During the construction, the concrete should be poured in separate warehouses, and the larger single pouring length between the expansion joints is 108.9m. How to prevent the ground crack is the most important part of the project.
  The above four points are the key points of steel fiber construction analyzed by Suzhou Yujian steel fiber supplier, hoping to help you. Suzhou Yujian steel fiber has favorable price and high quality. Welcome to inquire.
Mobile phone: 13621573881
Mobile phone: 13621573881
Address:Rainbow Road, shenta Town, Wujiang City, Suzhou
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